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Check out my Photography Blog!

Hey all! I’ve just put up a new blog for my Photography! 
I do convention/cosplay photography and regular photography

I’ll be posting more soon but for now i must sleep =__= 

httyd2 sketchdump 
i feel like hiccup was the viking version of steve irwin lol 
either him or valka. 
valka is so hard to draw btw, all those angles in her face 

pie sketchdump

was watching pushing daisies while doodling with prismacolor markers

1) apple pie
2) blueberry pie
3) strawberry pie 

i know people rlly like the big, complicated drawings that take forever but sometimes doodling cartoons is like the best stress reliever evvvverrrr

this doodle is far from perfect but its simple. 


did i also mention i do photography? 
I’m currently attending Otakon 
these are a few of the shots that i took for a friend
he’s cosplaying genderbent Elsa!
my other friend is cosplaying genderbent Anna with him too! when i have time i’ll edit and post more of the shoot 
but needless to say, he was very popular today (: 

check out my fb photography page here » 

Cosplayer: Brandon Small
Cosplay: Genderbent Elsa - Frozen
Photographer: Murr!itsmarra Photography (me) 
Otakon 2014

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